EcoTop 65

EcoTop 65

For singles, (young) couples, single parents with child (1–2 persons)
With roofed terrace, fold-out terrace and mirrorable floor plan according to the entrance situation. 1 bedroom, solar facade. The model 65 is also stackable and can be ideally used for residential projects.


Standard version

  • Compact building envelope made of unglued solid wood and mineral insulation
  • Component activated in-situ concrete foundation slab on foam glass
  • Multifunctional metal slat facade for active and passive solar energy generation, as a protective shield and sunshade
  • Underfloor heating and ceiling cooling
  • Kitchen stove as emergency heating
  • Storage room
  • Emergency generator

Optional self-sufficiency modules

  • Energy self-sufficiency module: PV system, wind turbine, storage battery
  • Water management module: spring or groundwater well, rainwater cistern, self-sufficient grey water treatment, humus toilets
  • Nutrition module: Greenhouse, compost production, insect breeding box (optional and not part of the nutrition module is a surrounding moat as a fish breeding basin).


Living space 65.00 m²

  • Kitchen/dining/living area 29.37 m²
  • Bedroom 1 12.64 m²
  • Office 9.49 m²
  • Bathroom 3.84 m²
  • WC 3.84 m²
  • Anteroom 2.98 m²
  • Storage room 2.84 m²

Utilisable space 42.17 m²

  • Greenhouse 14.66 m²
  • Garage 27.51 m²
SW open slats for passive solar energy gains and lots of light inside
SW closed slats and folded-in terrace: maximum protection. South side also for active solar energy gains via absorbers in the slats
SO with the addition of the nutrition module, half the terrace is glazed on three sides to form a greenhouse
NO a compact is an energy-saving building: a fundamental principle of solar architecture
NW Garage and wind turbine: possible extensions to the basic model 65
NW The solar facade offers all-round protection in case of an emergency
Free lines of sight and light-filled views: beauty has a function
Flooded with light and retreats to the inside
Clear floor plan with open area for communication, inward aggregation and protection of the private area. Here in the final version with all self-sufficiency modules (wind turbine, greenhouse; water management not shown)

EcoTop 65 views

Views south and west open
Views south and west closed
Views north and east open
Views north and east closed
Sections A/A view from west and B/B view from east
Roof top view with PV system (part of the energy self-sufficiency module)
Ground floor plan (full extension with all self-sufficient modules and garage)